Things To Keep In Mind When Using A Laser Measuring Tool

Active distance meters and laser feedback applications to measure distances improve accuracy. During use, users should note the following to ensure the effective and safe use of the product. In today’s article, I will let you know the notes before using them as well as in the process of using a laser measuring tool.

Notes that you need to read before using the laser measuring tool

  • Do not let the laser beam towards people or animals
  • Do not look into the laser directly or through reflection
  • If a laser is facing you, you close your eyes immediately and turn your head to avoid the laser.
  • Only laser distance meters should be given to a qualified person.
  • Do not immerse the instrument in water or any other liquid.
  • When you are finished using it, you wipe away the dirt with a soft cloth, do not use any detergent or solvent to clean the machine.
  • If the instrument is malfunctioning, please contact the service technician of the supplier where you purchased the product so that the device is repaired, replaced with genuine parts, quality assurance.
  • Do not disassemble the instrument by itself to avoid damaging the equipment.
  • You should buy a distance measuring device for reputable brands. On the market, there are many brands; you should choose a brand reputation meter, the most quality.
  • When using another thing, you need to keep in mind is not to change the performance of the device arbitrarily. Any change will result in dangerous laser radiation.
  • You should remove the battery from the device after a long time of not using it. After a long period of inactivity, you need to check the equipment before use.
  • When the method is weak, the battery needs to be replaced to ensure the accuracy of the invention. Batteries must be replaced according to the type specified by the manufacturer. Do not share old batteries with new cells.

Things to pay attention to when using distance measuring devices

  • Do not project the laser beam into the eyes when using the laser measuring tool.

When using, people must never shine a laser beam into the eyes because it can cause injury. Although the laser is not very strong when measured, however, the eye is a susceptible part of the rays, including lasers. Therefore, when the gauge laser shines on the human eye, the cornea is very vulnerable.

At first, it may be just a slight injury, causing blurring… However, if it is projected into the eye several times, the eye will be severely damaged and susceptible to dangerous diseases. To avoid damage to the eyes, users absolutely must be careful during the use of the device, avoid joking or carelessly shining lasers into their eyes, the eyes of people around.

  • When using a laser distance meter, you never shine on vehicles

For many national laws, this practice is listed as an offense, especially on airplanes. Therefore, users need to know about these regulations to avoid unnecessary trouble.

  • Laser measuring tools may reduce accuracy when used in some cases

Although the machine is equipped with advanced techniques to stabilize efficiency, many factors affect the accuracy of the meter. This significantly reduces the quality, lifespan, … of the machine.

Some factors that adversely affect the accuracy of the distance measuring device include the environment subject to direct sunlight from the sun, other environments with intense light, due to impact, etc. Use should pay special attention to this issue. People need to be careful in storage and use to ensure the quality and increase the life of the meter.

  • Please refer to the unit change instructions when using a laser distance meter.

All types of meters are equipped with many different units of measurement. There are many advanced machines capable of measuring up to 5 measurement units. Therefore, before using, users need to consult instructions on how to change the unit of measurement. Thus, users can avoid unnecessary confusion, choose the group that suits the measurement goal.

  • Regularly check the rangefinder before use

Distance meters are known for their high accuracy, but for some time, the accuracy of the meters can be affected by external influences such as temperature, light, etc. , to limit and minimize deviations, users need to check the machine before use to get the most accurate measurement results.

In conclusion

The applications of laser distance meters in everyday life are not new to many people, especially construction engineers. Finding yourself the best laser measuring tool is essential. However, using the distance meter is the best way to avoid damaging the device, and harming people around them is a particular issue that needs special attention when putting the invention into operation. Above is the essential information that we have just come together to find out. Users should immediately note what we share above when using a laser measuring tool to ensure safety and efficiency.

Types of calipers

You are planning to purchase a caliper for your job. However, on the market today, there are many different types of calipers with diverse designs and many different characteristics and materials. It makes you extremely confused and does not know which one is the best and most suitable?

Understanding your thoughts, in today’s article, I am presenting some differences in calipers to keep in mind while choosing the best and the most suitable calipers for your career. Are you curious about what those differences are? I won’t make you wait any longer. Let’s find out what they are right now.

Along with micrometers, gauges, the vernier caliper is also an indispensable measuring device in the field of mechanics. First of all, maybe support users to check the status of the mechanical equipment they own after a period of use, or the parts are processed to ensure their accuracy. Calipers divide into three main types: mechanical calipers, digital calipers, meter calipers.

What is a caliper?

The vernier caliper is a versatile measuring device (external dimension, internal dimension, depth gauge) that widely use in the industry. It is composed of: inner measuring function, external measuring function, fixed function, dynamic function, locking pin, depth gauge and body ruler, mm / inch unit. As for accuracy, we have different types of calipers with unusual precision, such as 0.1 mm, 0.05 mm, 0.02 mm. Calipers classify into three main categories based on their characteristics and accuracy.

Mechanical calipers

mechanical calipers
mechanical calipers

This type of caliper displays results via automatic lines. Material made of stainless steel or alloy anti-abrasion, anti-fouling. Some examples of mechanical calipers, specifically for the food industry, are made of fiberglass. The caliper is going to distinguish based on scale and accuracy. If the same size and efficiency are different, they will differ in the type of mount. The jaw of the mechanical caliper will be of varying length and length; the unique mount has its design. Calipers with special mounts will dedicate to a particular measuring function, usually grooving. The mechanical vernier caliper will also distinguish the difference through a ruler brake or fine-tuning screw. Most mechanical calipers will brake or lock the ruler with screws. Some others will lock automatically with the push of a button – release the operating finger immediately. The depth gauge of the mechanical caliper, the most common of which is a flat grip. In some unusual situations where you need to measure the depth of a small, round hole, you should choose a cylindrical rod type. The depth gauge is just an extension of the mechanical grip, so the default is flat.

Electronic calipers or digital calipers


It is a handy caliper, accurately measuring the size of small objects. Users can easily view the results through the display on the electronic screen quickly. Regarding the battery supply for the calipers, most digital calipers use the same universal easy-to-find universal battery. There are some types of battery-powered rulers, but it’s not entirely necessary, so you don’t need to pay attention. Need to pay attention to the details of indicator screen with backlight or not? If used in environments with low or too bright light sources, circumstances with backlight (backlit = backlight = background light) should consider. High-grade, strong clamp, round workpiece, square workpiece, and basic geometric shapes. The tail gauge has a rectangular or rectangular depth gauge. Smart sensor technology (S.I.S.) = S.I.S. = Smart Inductive Sensor Automatic power off when long no effect. Automatically switches to standby to save battery. Digital calipers can set the ZERO position at any position. Conversion of measurement units mm / inch. Data after measurement with the calipers can transfer to a P.C. via USB or RS232 communication protocols.

Calipers of watches or meter calipers

meter calipers
meter calipers

With this type of caliper, users will observe the measurement results via the digital clock face on the caliper. The meter caliper has both metric and inch scales. The scale on the ruler is laser engraved. Most calipers have anti-shock features. Waterproof dew point type, meet IP40 standard. Standard of DIN 862. The depth gauge is like a regular mechanical caliper.

In conclusion

I have shown the differences you need to consider when selecting the best caliper for your job. I hope that this information I have provided for helping you. Besides considering the above factors, when buying, you need to know the brands of them and their characteristics to support your career. Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read through this article. I wish you to purchase the most suitable caliper.

Interior design of children’s bedroom and feng shui taboos

The design of children’s bedroom furniture is of most interest to parents. Because the bedroom is not only a place for children to relax but also a space for playing and showing children’s personalities. Besides arranging the bedroom furniture according to the baby’s preferences, parents must also pay attention to feng shui issues for that room. The arrangement of feng shui has a significant impact on the sleep of the child, on the health and overall development of the child.

Here are the taboos in feng shui bedroom design for children that parents should not ignore. Are you curious?  I don’t make you wait any longer. Let’s find out what those taboos are right now.


Avoid setting the child’s headboard opposite the door of the room

According to feng shui, if the head of the bed opposite the door will affect the health of children. Children often fall ill. Sleep is not deep.

They may also startle, panic, or wake up in the middle of the night. On the other hand, it also affects the learning of children, making them not focused and learning is declining

To solve this problem, parents should not move children’s beds. And don’t let the bed create a line with the door of the room or change the tail across the room.

Choose the right bed for your baby

choose the right bed for your baby
choose the right bed for your baby

Do not use an adult bed as a nursery bed. According to feng shui will change the order big and small and reduce the luck for the family. Moreover, according to the fact, the adult bed is usually quite high. If not careful, the baby will roll down when sleeping soundly.

You should choose a bed-sized enough for your baby’s feet. In particular, cramped beds affect children’s physical development.

Do not use bunk beds for a child’s bedroom. Because they will affect the sleep of children. And this type of bed makes children inconvenient when often climbing from the top down

Beds should be located in the south-north direction

Also according to feng shui, parents should arrange children’s beds in the north-south direction is best. That not only ensures children are always healthy but also makes family feelings strong and cohesive.

Avoid putting mirrors opposite the bed

The mirror in the opposite direction of the bed negatively affects the sleep and health of the child. That is the reason why children do not sleep deeply. In particular, if children, unfortunately, see themselves in the mirror at night, they are more likely to panic, startle, and feel insecure.

The lamp is directly above the bed

the lamp is directly above the bed
the lamp is directly above the bed

According to feng shui, installing lights up the bed is a taboo in the bedroom design. Seriously, they will affect the health of the room’s owner. A light above is like a heavy object pressed on the bed, making the sleeper feel suppressed, tired and insomnia.

Do not decorate electrical appliances in the bedroom

The main function of the bedroom is resting, relaxing, providing good sleep for family members. Placing electrical appliances in the bedroom will produce radiation that is harmful to the health of the child. Moreover, electronic toys will make children fascinated but forget to go to sleep on time which also affects the health of children. Perhaps you can only store some essential items like the best-led flashlight or first aid kit to use when the power goes out or when the child is accidentally injured.

Ideally, you can decorate a radio in which there are songs without lyrics or soft music to play for your child before going to bed, which will help children sleep better.

Should not design the balcony in the bedroom

Typically, many families or balcony design in the bedroom with aims to help the room always airy and spacious. This is a great taboo in feng shui because it will cause energy to leak out during sleep.

Since then greatly affecting the health of children, children are easily tired and fussy. To overcome this, parents can install curtains to cover the balcony at bedtime.

The note when designing bedrooms for children

Besides feng shui concerns, parents should also  note the following in bedroom layout for children:

Choose an appropriate color scheme

Color is extremely important when designing furniture because they directly affect the sight of children, of course, there will be differences between bedroom patterns for girls and boys. However, there is a unity that should choose colors and textures gentle, lively and friendly with children.

Finally, you should not ignore traditional colors because there are many different shades and tones to create a vibrant youthful space. And the children’s bedroom is a great place for them to have fun with color.

Design according to children’s interests

design according to children’s interests
design according to children’s interests

In the design of children’s bedroom furniture, there is a rule that should not be forgotten is that adults should not impose preferences and aesthetic eyes on that space. Searching for a theme designed to suit your child’s interests is the best option. To make children love their room more. From that, they always pay attention to cleaning the room without a reminder.

Create separate zones

Young children may not be conscious of voluntarily cleaning up their own space. So during the design process, it is advisable to create separate functional areas with different roles. A room to rest, study and play will best support children’s daily activities.

Moreover, children who need space can foster creativity and imagination, so designers should care about the issue. Creating separate functional areas not only for the living but also minimizing the clutter of space. Besides, you can perform this arrangement even if it is a small bedroom.

Ensure safety

ensure safety
ensure safety

One note when designing a baby bedroom can not be ignored is the safety in the space. From the layout of the furniture to the style and size of the furniture are all things to keep in mind when preparing your baby’s bedroom design.

Because kids are quite naughty. You should not place too much furniture in the room. I think you should decorate the room with the best floating shelves that many parents love and use to decorate their children’s room. Because, besides the shape and color are extremely youthful, very suitable for the age of children, but it is also quite high, which helps prevent children from climbing up to play with objects on the shelves.

In conclusion

Above are the notes in the children’s bedroom design and some prohibit you need to pay attention to according to feng shui. Parents should carefully study or consult experts to be able to arrange the child’s bedroom in the most appropriate way, ensuring the comprehensive development of the child.

I hope that the information I presented above helps you in the most effective layout and design for your baby’s bedroom. Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read through this article.

The structure of the wood planer

A wood planer is a very necessary and widely used tool in the woodworking industry. Wood planer makes the wood surface smooth and easy to design or manipulate.

Understanding the arrangement of the wood planer and the principle of operation is one of the important issues that carpenters need to know from the first days of working. Because by mastering the basic knowledge gets the job easier and more efficient!

Moreover, when you know the structure and principles of the device, you can easily solve the unfortunate problems such as damage during use.

The following, our article is information about the structure of wood planing machines. Discover them now!

wood planer
wood planer

Structure of a wood planer

The best wood planer includes the following parts:

  • The handle of the wood planer

To make the wood shaving work effectively, the handle and control will be indispensable and quite important. The work with planer will be simpler and more efficient when the device is equipped with a firm, safe handles.

Not only that, the inside of the handle is the electrical wire to the motor that helps absolutely to prevent breakage and leakage during implementation.

Commonly, planer handles are made of high-quality plastic which is strong, durable and shock-resistant. This is an assembly with a planing case,  so it is quite noticeable. And it is also one of the parts that protect and help improve the life of the device.

  • The power cord of the device

The wire is an intermediary that helps the engine connect to the power source for the machine to operate. Depending on the capacity of the machine, the wires are designed with different materials and forms. With high-capacity wood planer products. Then the wire is made of copper and insulated plastic. Make sure the best power cord, no melting phenomenon and broken wire inside the device. Risking for the user.

  • Head of the wood planer

The head of the planer is the part that directly comes in contact with something like the wood that needs planing, so it needs to provide quite a bit of power. Specifically, the machine’s motor is installed at the body where the electrical power is converted into mechanical energy to help the blade rotate to perform planning.

Due to the large rotation speed, excessive heat generation results in the device often overheating at the head. Therefore, planer devices often have additional ventilation holes to help dissipate the heat to the outside.

Besides, when used for too long, the device has a hot phenomenon. Users need to turn off the device to avoid dangerous about fire and explosion.

  • Blade of the wood planer

The blade is extremely important parts of wood planers. This is the department that works directly to get the best product. The blade of the wood planer is quite sharp and flexible at work. So,  it is interested in manufacturers.

The most blade is made of monolithic stainless steel so it is durable. Besides, for the planer device to operate stably and without damage. It needs to install 2 parallel blades on both sides.

  • Switch of the wood planer

Any mechanical product is equipped with a switch. This is the part that connects the power source and the motor. In particular, the main task of this department is to help users be more active in turning on and off the device. You can control the machine flexibly. And help save energy and especially ensure safety for performers.

There are different types of switches. Depending on the brand, the manufacturer will design this part with its characteristics.

However, in general, all wood planers such as best thickness planer have switches placed in the most convenient position for the user. Because it is a frequently used part, it is most likely to fail. However, the replacement is quite simple and does not cost much, so you do not need to worry.

  • Parts for blowing the dust

Wood planer generates a lot of wood dust through use. Therefore, the manufacturer has created a component to blow dust when the device is working. This helps to prevent wood dust from getting inside the engine which can cause an explosion. Or affect the health of workers. Most types of wood planing machines are equipped with this part to ensure smooth and efficient device performance.

In conclusion

Above are the parts of wood planer that you should refer to and understand to be able to easily operate and to replace or maintain the device periodically. Hopefully, the article is helpful for you, Thank you for taking the time to read

The role of tooth pliers with dentists

It seems to be that each of people would like to have a stable job with a high salary after we graduate from school or university. For me, it is also necessary to find good jobs to work in life. However, I think that these jobs need to be appropriate with the hobby and condition of each person. Besides, if we want to be successful in our works, we need to have passion and enthusiasm for them. I graduated from university two years ago and then, fortunately, I had a chance to work as a dentist. And I have worked as a dentist for more than one year till now. I want to write this article to share somethings about my works and my favorite device in my job.

It can be seen that working as a dentist, I need to have a lot of different types of tools related to dentistry. And I would like to introduce to you one of the most favorite and important tools with my job which are the tooth pliers.

How important are the tooth pliers to me?

First of all, I have a simple question for all of you here: ” who is a dentist? and what does a dentist do?”. A dentist is a person who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental and dental diseases. And when I came back to my small village in the countryside to work to open a private dental clinic, I see that most of my patients come for dental or tooth extraction. So I always have to work with the tooth pliers.

The tooth pliers is a device that helps me to remove patients’ teeth easier and faster than any other types of devices. It can be said that I have to work with the tooth pliers most of my time each day. Like other dentists, I think that the tooth pliers are indispensable for us and our works. Every day I see and work with the tooth pliers that make me the feeling that I can not work without it. It sounds like a silly thing and surprise for a lot of people. However, who works regularly with the tooth pliers will have the same feeling to me now. Although I just work with the tooth pliers for a short time, I have a special impression on it. I consider the tooth pliers as one of my relatives and friends every day from the beginning of work to the end of the working day. It can be said that tooth pliers have a lot of unforgettable memories for me.

The tooth pliers often have a tiny size so I can put and preserve this device in any box at my workplace.

A day working with the tooth pliers

I am very excited to share with you my working day with the pliers in this article. I must say that although this job often makes me feel tired and sometimes under pressure I love my job and love my patients each day.

In the morning, I often start my working day at around 7:30 and finish my day till the end of the patient in the evening. It can be seen that it is a long working day with common people. But I like it because I can feel more relax and comfortable to go to bed after a hard-working day.

As I mentioned before, my main works are related to the teeth of the patients. So I need to work a lot with the tooth pliers. Most of my patients each day is the kids who need to remove the baby teeth to have new teeth. When the kids come to my workplace, I need to check carefully their teeth first and then carry out removing their teeth. At this time, I have to use my tooth pliers to remove the teeth. Because tooth pliers are very convenient and safe when using. The usage of this tool is very easy for us to follow and use. Especially, the tooth pliers bring us lots of good aspects. It can not only help us work with the high and best result but also help us get high accuracy. With tooth pliers, my work can be much easier and more effective.

In conclusion

I have shared you about my job and my working day with the tooth pliers. And I think that each job will have different features and need different devices. I know that the pliers are not only used in the dentistry but also in other fields. So each worker needs to have the best pliers set to do well their works.

Using the hot glue gun

The silicone glue gun is a specialized tool to shoot silicon from the glue tube as desired by the impact force to get the glue to reach high accuracy, meet many construction positions according to users. Today, the need to use silicone glue to paste, attach, fix, decorate for construction materials has become a trend in the construction sector. Because it is so simple, it has brought tremendous benefits. Today we will introduce you use of silicon glue guns in everyday life.

hot glue gun

Create new friction for slippery sandals

Slippery sandals may not be safe while traveling. If you know how to use a glue gun to draw parallel lines on a base to create new friction for old sandals, your sandals are more than ever.

Shoot glue candles on matchsticks to match small details

When using candle glue to attach small details such as earrings or decorative accessories… you only use very little glue. However, because of the small amount of glue that makes it fast to dry, it makes it difficult to bond. To repair you still use candle glue but need a little trick with using a glue gun as follows:

Shoot a glue circle around the match in about a third position. Then burn the match, as usual, when the match sticks to the glue, it will heat and dry the glue. At this point, you will find that using candle glue on the matchstick to attach small details is much easier.

Reduce collision for the door

The door, when closed, can cause unpleasant noise. Spray some amount of glue on two positions near the door handle. This candle glue will create an onlay that reduces the impact when the door closes. Glue gun reduces door noise.

Use the pencil to the end

If the pencil is only about 5 centimeters away, we “must” give up because it is too short to hold. You like this pencil and still don’t want to give it up. The glue gun can help you. Use the tip of the gun to melt a part of the intestine of the silicon tree, then tuck the pencil into. So your pencil is already longer, can be used.

Reduce the width of the ring

The ring is too wide to wear easily. You can spray the amount of candle glue on one side of the paper. Then plug the ring into this glue point. Wait for the glue to dry and then use the scissors to cut the excess glue off the outside. You should cut more if the glue is too much and the ring is tight.

Make a button with a glue gun

 You only need to spray a quantity of candle glue on the table in a circle according to the size you want. Then wait 3 minutes to glue the candle dry, continue using 1 small iron rod to poke 2 holes of the button. Finally, you will get the button as you expect.

Make creative baskets

 You put down the bowl and start using the glue to spray it slowly. You release the glue-like bicycle spokes. Then continue to release the circle around. You just need to release the glue next to the arc and the closed circle. You wait a while for the glue to dry and remove it from the bowl.

Decorate the vase in a classic way

First, use candle glue and glue gun to paint decorative patterns on the vase. After the glue is dry, you spray the paint on the bottle cap. Finally, when the painting is dry, you flower. It is done.

Make a pendant

If you are a person who likes making accessories. Let’s see how to make a heart pendant! With the best glue gun, you can create any accessories for yourself. It was very interesting!

The first is to sketch the heart on paper. Then shoot a little glue on the center of the heart to attach the hook. Next, shoot all the heart and wait for it to dry. After that, you cut the heart out of the paper, add a string to it. So you have a very nice pendant.

In conclusion

The silicon glue gun is a good and useful invention. It helps us a lot in life and makes life better. If you have not used this tool, you should use it now. I am sure you will be surprised about its use.

How to choose the best cabinet table saw

You are looking to replace hand saws with table saws with large motors. Are you regarding learn or buy a cabinet table saw? But you do not know exactly about its feature characteristics. 

Understanding that, in this article, I will review for you all the features of this type of saw. Let’s read and find out.


  • The criteria to consider when choosing



How much power do you need to choose the machine?

This is the first question you need to find out when buying a device. After that, you also need to find out about the type of plug used for this machine. A large plug will be very suitable. Because it can withstand the heavy voltage source of this machine.

1.5 to 2 HP motors

Motors from 1.5 to 2 Hp are suitable for the old 120V circuit type. Therefore, you do not need to change the old circuit or plug with a new one. With this engine, you can only cut materials or wood about 2 inches. Because if you try to cut a big piece of wood, the Voltage will not withstand that pressure, causing an explosion at any time.

3 to 5 HP motors

With this motivation, you can handle everything that 1.5 to 2 engines can’t do. You have to replace the plug for the device. For example, if you want to cut wood panels over 3 inches, you must use voltages up to 240V.

However, strong motors also have drawbacks such as easy fire if you operate for too long. Therefore, you must also be careful when using.


The surface of this type of saw table is made of extremely durable cast iron material with time. Other materials such as copper, steel, and aluminum cannot be as good.

About safety

The highlight of this device is that it has a relatively high safety protection feature for users. It is called “flesh sensor”. When you see the danger of touching your skin, within 0.01 seconds, the device will turn off automatically. You wonder how fast the device turns off. it is fast enough so that your skin does not appear to have any tears. However, to get this modern feature, you have to pay extra for installation. Saying it can protect you in every situation, but nothing is perfect. You must still be especially careful when using it to avoid possible unfortunate circumstances.

About Size

When buying a cabinet table saw. You must pay attention to the length and weight of the machine. About length and width is not the main concern. Every cabinet table saw has a height up to the waist of the user to be easily manipulated. Length should be about 60 inches is suitable. In terms of weight, depending on your needs you can choose the right weight machine. On average, the device weighs about 500 pounds, rarely seen any 400 pounds. With this big weight, it is difficult for users to carry the equipment anywhere. If you want to move, you need to install wheels for the machine.

Dust collector system

It seems simple, but this part is also very important and indispensable for the table saw. When buying, do you have to see if the device is equipped with this part? Big or small? A large vacuuming place will help you work in a long time and make the table surface always clean.

Some other issues to consider

Blades: is also a significant issue. You must pay attention to the thickness and thinness of the saw blade, the distance between the serrated teeth, … To choose the sharpest and suitable blade.

Next is the size of miter slot: Cabinet table saws are always equipped with the miter gauge. But you also need to pay attention to the size miter slot. If the slot is not the right size, it will be dangerous for you.

Ultimately, the length of the arbor is also important for you to want to cut the dado.

In conclusion

I have finished talking about some of the criteria like power, size, material, …you need to pay attention to when choosing a cabinet table saw as well as other table saws such as the best portable table saw. Hope it will be useful for you.  Finally, thank you for reading this article.

Pillow Fight (Kissenschlacht) at Brandenburg Gate, Berlin (Published in Die Welt)

As part of International Pillow Fight Day 2012, a flash mob gathered in front of Brandenburg Gate in Berlin for a massive pillow fight (Kissenschlacht) Saturday afternoon. More than 8000 people were confirmed on the event’s Facebook page. Feather pillows were allowed at the Berlin fight, which made for a spectacular mess and an incredibly fun shoot. White fluff still swirled in the air as far as a 15-minute walk from Brandenburg Gate. By the end of it all, I had feathers and down in my clothes, my hair, my eyelashes, my nose, and my throat. Cleanup crew had their work cut out for them.

It was simply WUNDERBAR.

A photo set I took at the event was published in Die Welt, Germany’s third-largest newspaper. Check out the set on Die Welt and click to zoom, or just see below for the photos they used and a couple extra.

I’ve had an unspeakably amazing week in Berlin and I’m ready to be home in Aarhus again tonight. I am, however, head-over-heels in love with this city and there’s no doubt we’ll be reacquainted in the not-too-distant future. More photos and stories of my adventures to come, of course! But for now, tschüss

Chasing Dragons


Instead of enjoying the sun at the park with my friends today, I spent the first day of my two-week spring break speaking with a group of heroin addicts in preparation for a photojournalism essay I will be creating this week.

After wandering around lost for a while, I asked some passersby if they knew of the place where I needed to go. They were headed the same way, and told me to follow them, after making sure I knew what exactly went on there. When we arrived, there was a lot of curiosity and some confusion about my presence, but everyone was welcoming and some were eager to talk.

I spent a good hour with a longtime heroin user who was getting on in his years. In fractured English he told me about his life: one of being surrounded by heroin at a young age in his home country, of drugs bought and sold, of dealing with racism as an immigrant in Denmark, of never getting to see his family, of being looked upon with contempt, of recovery and relapse, of aging and just getting by. Never more have I regretted not understanding Danish than I did then, because I knew there was so much more he couldn’t express through our language barrier. The things I did understand were just shards of the full story.

In a concrete shelter masked in graffiti and littered with used tinfoil and cotton balls, I watched him smoke heroin he’d bought with his pension. He told me that no one in his group really knew how to find happiness.

I have a lot of work to do. I’ll be going back tomorrow morning.

Reflections in Strasbourg

This past week we were in Strasbourg, France for a European Union reporting assignment. While we spent the great majority of our stay holed up in the European Parliament press room scrambling for interviews with MEPs, or in various meeting halls listening to lectures by important political figures, I did have one gloriously sunny morning to spend alone and in my element: street shooting. This short series of reflection photos is just the first of several that I will post from those few incredibly inspiring hours on my own.

Above, a group of tourists gather in front of Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-Strasbourg (the most intricate and beautiful cathedral I have ever seen in my life) as a shop devoted to Alsacian souvenirs displays dolls in its window.

Strasbourg was simply beautiful and comfortable to navigate even for me, as hopelessly directionally challenged as I am. It was my first time in France with any decent French education under my belt, and I quickly realized that I felt much more comfortable in Strasbourg than I’d ever felt in Quebec. I owe it to the fact that all my French teachers throughout high school and university taught me France French rather than Quebecois French (ironically enough), so it was much easier to pick up on what was being spoken around me. It was nice to feel so oddly at home in a place I’d never been to before. For once, I wasn’t surrounded by Danish, which is still completely indecipherable to me in conversation.

In the reflection behind the mannequin above is Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-Strasbourg, once again.

Although I’ve been in Denmark for nearly two full months, I still haven’t been able to set aside just one weekend to go streeting or even fully explore downtown Aarhus. When I first set out that morning in Strasbourg, the light was perfectly soft, shop owners were unlocking their doors, and there were just a few early risers on creaky bikes rolling over cobblestone streets. As soon as I summoned the courage to point my lens at a complete stranger and press the shutter (the first one is always the hardest), it was like quenching a thirst I’d forgotten I’d had. Suddenly I wanted to capture everything and everyone. It had been a long, long time since I’d been that inspired to shoot candids. But of course, it was the final stretch of my stay and all too soon I was buckling up for the 10-hour drive home.