I’m Jen Tse, a Toronto-based freelance journalist and photographer currently living in Aarhus, Denmark. I write, I take photos, I go on adventures, and I love breakfast. I will never say no to tea and stroopwafels.


Pencilprism is a collection of visual stories—the colours of the written word meet the stories that unfold when light enters through glass.

Many see writing and photography as diametrically different ways of experiencing a story, and a decision often must be made between the two. Either medium is powerful on its own, and both have their shortfalls. I choose to experience the world not in their dichotomy, but in their duality—to translate, make tangible, and share physical experience with two complementary and even necessary parts of the same language.

This is a personal blog, meets photoblog, meets travel journal, and more. Whether you like words or visuals, rediscovering what’s right in front of you or plunging headfirst into the unknown, I hope I can take you on an adventure with me.


Many thanks are due to Tom Ryaboi and Olas Smith, who helped create the site design and Pencilprism logo, and ultimately wrestled the plans I had for this site out of my head and onto this screen. They are awesome people with awesome skills.


All photography and written content copyright Jennifer Tse unless otherwise noted.