Interior design of children’s bedroom and feng shui taboos

The design of children’s bedroom furniture is of most interest to parents. Because the bedroom is not only a place for children to relax but also a space for playing and showing children’s personalities. Besides arranging the bedroom furniture according to the baby’s preferences, parents must also pay attention to feng shui issues for that room. The arrangement of feng shui has a significant impact on the sleep of the child, on the health and overall development of the child.

Here are the taboos in feng shui bedroom design for children that parents should not ignore. Are you curious?  I don’t make you wait any longer. Let’s find out what those taboos are right now.


Avoid setting the child’s headboard opposite the door of the room

According to feng shui, if the head of the bed opposite the door will affect the health of children. Children often fall ill. Sleep is not deep.

They may also startle, panic, or wake up in the middle of the night. On the other hand, it also affects the learning of children, making them not focused and learning is declining

To solve this problem, parents should not move children’s beds. And don’t let the bed create a line with the door of the room or change the tail across the room.

Choose the right bed for your baby

choose the right bed for your baby
choose the right bed for your baby

Do not use an adult bed as a nursery bed. According to feng shui will change the order big and small and reduce the luck for the family. Moreover, according to the fact, the adult bed is usually quite high. If not careful, the baby will roll down when sleeping soundly.

You should choose a bed-sized enough for your baby’s feet. In particular, cramped beds affect children’s physical development.

Do not use bunk beds for a child’s bedroom. Because they will affect the sleep of children. And this type of bed makes children inconvenient when often climbing from the top down

Beds should be located in the south-north direction

Also according to feng shui, parents should arrange children’s beds in the north-south direction is best. That not only ensures children are always healthy but also makes family feelings strong and cohesive.

Avoid putting mirrors opposite the bed

The mirror in the opposite direction of the bed negatively affects the sleep and health of the child. That is the reason why children do not sleep deeply. In particular, if children, unfortunately, see themselves in the mirror at night, they are more likely to panic, startle, and feel insecure.

The lamp is directly above the bed

the lamp is directly above the bed
the lamp is directly above the bed

According to feng shui, installing lights up the bed is a taboo in the bedroom design. Seriously, they will affect the health of the room’s owner. A light above is like a heavy object pressed on the bed, making the sleeper feel suppressed, tired and insomnia.

Do not decorate electrical appliances in the bedroom

The main function of the bedroom is resting, relaxing, providing good sleep for family members. Placing electrical appliances in the bedroom will produce radiation that is harmful to the health of the child. Moreover, electronic toys will make children fascinated but forget to go to sleep on time which also affects the health of children. Perhaps you can only store some essential items like the best-led flashlight or first aid kit to use when the power goes out or when the child is accidentally injured.

Ideally, you can decorate a radio in which there are songs without lyrics or soft music to play for your child before going to bed, which will help children sleep better.

Should not design the balcony in the bedroom

Typically, many families or balcony design in the bedroom with aims to help the room always airy and spacious. This is a great taboo in feng shui because it will cause energy to leak out during sleep.

Since then greatly affecting the health of children, children are easily tired and fussy. To overcome this, parents can install curtains to cover the balcony at bedtime.

The note when designing bedrooms for children

Besides feng shui concerns, parents should also  note the following in bedroom layout for children:

Choose an appropriate color scheme

Color is extremely important when designing furniture because they directly affect the sight of children, of course, there will be differences between bedroom patterns for girls and boys. However, there is a unity that should choose colors and textures gentle, lively and friendly with children.

Finally, you should not ignore traditional colors because there are many different shades and tones to create a vibrant youthful space. And the children’s bedroom is a great place for them to have fun with color.

Design according to children’s interests

design according to children’s interests
design according to children’s interests

In the design of children’s bedroom furniture, there is a rule that should not be forgotten is that adults should not impose preferences and aesthetic eyes on that space. Searching for a theme designed to suit your child’s interests is the best option. To make children love their room more. From that, they always pay attention to cleaning the room without a reminder.

Create separate zones

Young children may not be conscious of voluntarily cleaning up their own space. So during the design process, it is advisable to create separate functional areas with different roles. A room to rest, study and play will best support children’s daily activities.

Moreover, children who need space can foster creativity and imagination, so designers should care about the issue. Creating separate functional areas not only for the living but also minimizing the clutter of space. Besides, you can perform this arrangement even if it is a small bedroom.

Ensure safety

ensure safety
ensure safety

One note when designing a baby bedroom can not be ignored is the safety in the space. From the layout of the furniture to the style and size of the furniture are all things to keep in mind when preparing your baby’s bedroom design.

Because kids are quite naughty. You should not place too much furniture in the room. I think you should decorate the room with the best floating shelves that many parents love and use to decorate their children’s room. Because, besides the shape and color are extremely youthful, very suitable for the age of children, but it is also quite high, which helps prevent children from climbing up to play with objects on the shelves.

In conclusion

Above are the notes in the children’s bedroom design and some prohibit you need to pay attention to according to feng shui. Parents should carefully study or consult experts to be able to arrange the child’s bedroom in the most appropriate way, ensuring the comprehensive development of the child.

I hope that the information I presented above helps you in the most effective layout and design for your baby’s bedroom. Lastly, thank you for taking the time to read through this article.

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