Pillow Fight (Kissenschlacht) at Brandenburg Gate, Berlin (Published in Die Welt)

What’s new in the world of Jen? Well, this past week has felt like one giant hangover-induced haze, so I thought this colourphilic photo set might best illustrate my happiness and consequent intoxication.

No, Denmark hasn’t (yet) turned me into an alcoholic—let me explain. Last Wednesday I got my acceptance letter for the international photojournalism program at DMJX, which means I’ll be staying here for an additional six months after my current program ends in June. The photojournalism program here is world-renowned and my class will include just nine others from Europe and North America. I really wanted nothing more in the world, so for me it’s a dream come true. Now I wake up every morning and, rather than anxiously checking my phone hoping to hear about my application, I catch myself and just float to the ceiling. Life’s pretty great.

But enough about that. It’s time to publish some goddamn photos. The night before I left for Strasbourg, there was a massive party at DMJX with a live band, DJs, a smoke machine, and a light setup to make any lover of multicoloured things (Exhibit A, yours truly) wet their pants a little. Thanks to that hectic week in Strasbourg, the photos from that night vanished into a to-edit backlog that has slowly become more daunting than Mount Everest. But I decided that I had to start somewhere if I wanted the contents of this enormous vault to ever see the light of day, so below, at long last, are the results. Enjoy.