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The structure of the wood planer

A wood planer is a very necessary and widely used tool in the woodworking industry. Wood planer makes the wood surface smooth and easy to design or manipulate.

Understanding the arrangement of the wood planer and the principle of operation is one of the important issues that carpenters need to know from the first days of working. Because by mastering the basic knowledge gets the job easier and more efficient!

Moreover, when you know the structure and principles of the device, you can easily solve the unfortunate problems such as damage during use.

The following, our article is information about the structure of wood planing machines. Discover them now!

wood planer
wood planer

Structure of a wood planer

The best wood planer includes the following parts:

  • The handle of the wood planer

To make the wood shaving work effectively, the handle and control will be indispensable and quite important. The work with planer will be simpler and more efficient when the device is equipped with a firm, safe handles.

Not only that, the inside of the handle is the electrical wire to the motor that helps absolutely to prevent breakage and leakage during implementation.

Commonly, planer handles are made of high-quality plastic which is strong, durable and shock-resistant. This is an assembly with a planing case,  so it is quite noticeable. And it is also one of the parts that protect and help improve the life of the device.

  • The power cord of the device

The wire is an intermediary that helps the engine connect to the power source for the machine to operate. Depending on the capacity of the machine, the wires are designed with different materials and forms. With high-capacity wood planer products. Then the wire is made of copper and insulated plastic. Make sure the best power cord, no melting phenomenon and broken wire inside the device. Risking for the user.

  • Head of the wood planer

The head of the planer is the part that directly comes in contact with something like the wood that needs planing, so it needs to provide quite a bit of power. Specifically, the machine’s motor is installed at the body where the electrical power is converted into mechanical energy to help the blade rotate to perform planning.

Due to the large rotation speed, excessive heat generation results in the device often overheating at the head. Therefore, planer devices often have additional ventilation holes to help dissipate the heat to the outside.

Besides, when used for too long, the device has a hot phenomenon. Users need to turn off the device to avoid dangerous about fire and explosion.

  • Blade of the wood planer

The blade is extremely important parts of wood planers. This is the department that works directly to get the best product. The blade of the wood planer is quite sharp and flexible at work. So,  it is interested in manufacturers.

The most blade is made of monolithic stainless steel so it is durable. Besides, for the planer device to operate stably and without damage. It needs to install 2 parallel blades on both sides.

  • Switch of the wood planer

Any mechanical product is equipped with a switch. This is the part that connects the power source and the motor. In particular, the main task of this department is to help users be more active in turning on and off the device. You can control the machine flexibly. And help save energy and especially ensure safety for performers.

There are different types of switches. Depending on the brand, the manufacturer will design this part with its characteristics.

However, in general, all wood planers such as best thickness planer have switches placed in the most convenient position for the user. Because it is a frequently used part, it is most likely to fail. However, the replacement is quite simple and does not cost much, so you do not need to worry.

  • Parts for blowing the dust

Wood planer generates a lot of wood dust through use. Therefore, the manufacturer has created a component to blow dust when the device is working. This helps to prevent wood dust from getting inside the engine which can cause an explosion. Or affect the health of workers. Most types of wood planing machines are equipped with this part to ensure smooth and efficient device performance.

In conclusion

Above are the parts of wood planer that you should refer to and understand to be able to easily operate and to replace or maintain the device periodically. Hopefully, the article is helpful for you, Thank you for taking the time to read

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