Using the hot glue gun

The silicone glue gun is a specialized tool to shoot silicon from the glue tube as desired by the impact force to get the glue to reach high accuracy, meet many construction positions according to users. Today, the need to use silicone glue to paste, attach, fix, decorate for construction materials has become a trend in the construction sector. Because it is so simple, it has brought tremendous benefits. Today we will introduce you use of silicon glue guns in everyday life.

hot glue gun

Create new friction for slippery sandals

Slippery sandals may not be safe while traveling. If you know how to use a glue gun to draw parallel lines on a base to create new friction for old sandals, your sandals are more than ever.

Shoot glue candles on matchsticks to match small details

When using candle glue to attach small details such as earrings or decorative accessories… you only use very little glue. However, because of the small amount of glue that makes it fast to dry, it makes it difficult to bond. To repair you still use candle glue but need a little trick with using a glue gun as follows:

Shoot a glue circle around the match in about a third position. Then burn the match, as usual, when the match sticks to the glue, it will heat and dry the glue. At this point, you will find that using candle glue on the matchstick to attach small details is much easier.

Reduce collision for the door

The door, when closed, can cause unpleasant noise. Spray some amount of glue on two positions near the door handle. This candle glue will create an onlay that reduces the impact when the door closes. Glue gun reduces door noise.

Use the pencil to the end

If the pencil is only about 5 centimeters away, we “must” give up because it is too short to hold. You like this pencil and still don’t want to give it up. The glue gun can help you. Use the tip of the gun to melt a part of the intestine of the silicon tree, then tuck the pencil into. So your pencil is already longer, can be used.

Reduce the width of the ring

The ring is too wide to wear easily. You can spray the amount of candle glue on one side of the paper. Then plug the ring into this glue point. Wait for the glue to dry and then use the scissors to cut the excess glue off the outside. You should cut more if the glue is too much and the ring is tight.

Make a button with a glue gun

 You only need to spray a quantity of candle glue on the table in a circle according to the size you want. Then wait 3 minutes to glue the candle dry, continue using 1 small iron rod to poke 2 holes of the button. Finally, you will get the button as you expect.

Make creative baskets

 You put down the bowl and start using the glue to spray it slowly. You release the glue-like bicycle spokes. Then continue to release the circle around. You just need to release the glue next to the arc and the closed circle. You wait a while for the glue to dry and remove it from the bowl.

Decorate the vase in a classic way

First, use candle glue and glue gun to paint decorative patterns on the vase. After the glue is dry, you spray the paint on the bottle cap. Finally, when the painting is dry, you flower. It is done.

Make a pendant

If you are a person who likes making accessories. Let’s see how to make a heart pendant! With the best glue gun, you can create any accessories for yourself. It was very interesting!

The first is to sketch the heart on paper. Then shoot a little glue on the center of the heart to attach the hook. Next, shoot all the heart and wait for it to dry. After that, you cut the heart out of the paper, add a string to it. So you have a very nice pendant.

In conclusion

The silicon glue gun is a good and useful invention. It helps us a lot in life and makes life better. If you have not used this tool, you should use it now. I am sure you will be surprised about its use.

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